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Contract Packing Under Bond

Contract packing (reworking and repacking) offers great potential for our travel retail trade clients to repackage their products quickly and easily. From wine gift boxes with bottles and glasses to confectionery gifting products, our service is seamless, efficient and highly cost-effective.

Why choose contract packing services from MSX

Many bonded warehouse companies don't offer contract packing, as they consider it too complex, awkward, or they simply don't have the space available on site. The only solution is to outsource the repacking work, incurring additional costs.

At MSX, we have the expertise and the flair to assemble high quality repackaged products for gifting and promotional packs. Here's why:
  • all under one roof
    All our repacking is completed in-house at our bonded warehouse. So, bonded products do not need to be moved to be reworked, saving packing and delivery time, transport costs and potential security issues.

  • no travel = reduced breakages
    Products only travel a matter of metres, not miles, from storage to our contract packing facilities, thus eliminating the risk of damage in transit.

  • clean and tidy workspace
    We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our warehouse and reworking areas, so the finished reworked package or box is always in pristine condition.

  • easy storage of repackaged products
    Each finished reworked product travels just metres back into storage.

  • complete & ready for dispatch
    All contract packing is fully completed in-house, so reworked products are stored complete, and ready for distribution without delay
Contact MSX to discuss your bonded or non-bonded product repacking projects and requirements, and be delighted by our level of care and attention to detail.

Tax Stamps and Repacking

As experienced repacking providers for goods under bond, MSX are authorised for a wide range of tax stamping services including:
  • tax stamp application
  • tax stamp obliteration
  • French pregnancy logo application
  • tasting stock tax stamp application
  • tax stamp packing for multi-dispatch destinations
Contact MSX for full details or with your specific requirements.


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