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MSX: stock management and administration

At MSX, we always remember that efficient stock control is the backbone of any retail business, and that our clients have entrusted their stock to our care. Whether bonded, non-bonded or duty paid items, our clients trust us to keep goods in perfect condition, ready for dispatch at a moment's notice. To achieve this, we've worked hard to make our stock management system responsive, trusted and reliable at all times whilst retaining full HMRC compliance.

Trackable, traceable

From the moment your goods arrive at our bonded warehouse facility, we treat them as our own. Goods are stored at ambient temperatures, whether perishable confectionery or fine wines. We barcode items for easy tracking and tracing, and we can rotate stock to ensure optimum quality.

More space, less waste

In today's consumer environment, our clients expect faultless logistics in the storage and distribution of their goods. We constantly evaluate and maximise the space in our warehouse, so we can be flexible for our clients when they suddenly need more space for extra consignments. Our effective stock management also ensures that regular and exceptional deliveries can be prepared on time, and delivered by our in-house MSX distribution fleet.

We provide our customers with weekly stock management reports enabling them to evaluate their stockholding costs in relation to the age of the stock we hold on their behalf. MSX provides a FIFO (first in, first out) stock ordering facility based on minimum stock levels that streamlines the process between the brand owners and the customers. For more details on our specialist bonded warehousing stock management services, see our pages on:
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